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The Tsalagiyi Nvdagi, under the name of Texas Cherokee, signed a treaty with the Republic of Texas on February 23, 1836. Texas violated that treaty when they drove the Texas Cherokee and their related bands from Texas by gun and knife on July 16, 1839, and Chief Diwali (principal chief at that time and known to the whites as Bowles) was killed. Those who survived the massacre, either fled to other locations or hid in the deep forest of East Texas so they would not suffer a similar fate.

We are not federally recognized and are not part of the Oklahoma or Eastern Tribes, but we are related by blood. We believe, united as a tribe, we are capable of recovering our culture and traditions for the good of our people, today, and future generations to come.

We who have come together to reinstate our tribe are very proud people. We will last as long as there is a drop of Ani-Tsalagi blood left among us.

Our headquarters, located in southern Smith County just two miles from the northern border of Cherokee County is in the area that was once the land of the treaty with the Republic of Texas. It covered all of Cherokee County, Smith County and a number of square miles of land outside that area.

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For more information regarding the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi
or membership application information, write to:

Tsalagiyi Nvdagi
4212 Kendall Lane
Waco, Texas 76705

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