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By Chief D. L. Utsidihi Hicks

A quick note from the web author, Chiromara:
I thought it might be appropriate to begin with a small list of greetings and farewells.

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Vowel Sounds Consonant Sounds
a, as a in father, or short as in rival.
e, as a in hate, or short as in pat.
i, as i in qique, or short as in pit.
o, as o in note, approaching aw in law.
u, as oo in food, or short as u in pull.
v, as u in but, nasalized and leaning to un sound.
g as in English, but sometimes approaching k.
d as in English, but sometimes approaching t.
h, k, l, m, n, q, s, t, w, y, as in English.
Syllables following g, except for ga, sometimes sound like k.
Go, du, and dv, sometimes sound as to, tu, tv.
Qu approaching kw, as kwa for qua, kwoo for quo, kwee for qui, and so on.
Ts approaches js or j.
Syllables following tl, sometimes vary to dl.

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The following is arranged with the Tsalagi "Cherokee" word or phrase first
Phonetic pronunciation second
English translation third


Way the old people said "Hello."  It also meant "Good."



Siyu Dohitsu
(see-yoo taw-hee-jsoo)

Hello.  Are you well?


I am well.


Very good.


Not so good.


And you?


Are you Tsalagi?


"I go" or "Goodbye."


Go then.


Until we meet again.

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