An important part of family facilities was the tlogesi, "field," where their crops would be raised.  Only women had field rights.  Ownership was merely a "right to use" a certain section of the town's field.  Those rights were passed down from mother to daughter.  Men had no rights to the land, only to help his wife and his mother to work the fields.  His rights came by his wife or mother cooking the food for him to eat.  These rights came from the female line for the Ani-Tsalagi was a matriarchal society.
  Near the lagesidv, "edge of field," of the family there was located a small tool storage shed.  These sheds dotted the rest of the town fields.
  The main tools were the galagadi, "hoe"; agodesdi, "spade"; agodea, "shovel"; dagalosti, "stick," with a uilata, "sharp tip of a stick."
  The main crops that were grown were selu, "corn"; duya, "bean"; iya, "pumpkin"; watsigu, "squash"; duta, "potato"; and duyvsti, "peas" to name a few.
  The most important crop they grew was selu.  From corn they made some of their most important meals.  The use of corn and how it was prepared would make a book.  Kanaheni, "sour corn mush"; seludadu, "corn bread"; kanahena, "corn gruel"; seluesi, "corn meal"; selugusesa, "parched corn"; gahawesita, "parched corn meal"; uganasta, "corn meal pudding"; selu asugeda, "corn dough"; and tsalugi, "corn roasting ear."  Gahawesita was the foodstuff that warriors took on the warpath with them.  They added water to the corn meal and drank it.
  Agiwela, "The Old Woman," was corn used in prayers.  This term alone gives the importance of the crop.

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