When a Tsalagi dealt in an act of diplomacy, he became very deliberate, grave in his dealings and courteous.  The ambassador appeared before the council and presented greetings from his people to the other tribe.  He smoked a pipe of tobacco with all assembled, and then informed the council he would come before them at a certain time to discuss a certain matter of importance with them. This would give the council time to discuss the matter with their people and among themselves.  Unless it was extremely urgent, no business was ever discussed the first day.
  The ambassador went before the council and presented the council with a white wampum.  Srings of white beads were attached to a belt used as emphasis for each important point to be discussed.  No matter what the decision of the two tribes were to be, the white wampum was ledt as a token of friendship and trust to the visited tribe.
  White wampum was usually made from small cylindrical beads made of white polished shells.

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