Immunity of Ambassadors

The immunity of ganuseda, "ambassador," was held sacred.  Any ambassador was free to travel through Ani-Tsalagi country on a mission, even if that ambassador was from a country at war with the Ani-Tsalagi.  His passport was his white Peace Pipe or black War Hatchet and his wampum belt.  No ambassador was to be slowed or stopped on his mission.  An ambassador could travel freely without fear of harm or of being robbeed of his valuable wampum, or of being held captive for ransom.  The penalty for molesting or delaying an ambassador in any manner among all tribes was death.  A white pipe or black hatchet would gain an ambassador entrance into any Town House for food and rest.
  Wampum was a valuable article among every tribe.  Wampum was used as history beads, as a measure of trade, and between tribes to conduct business.

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