First Town is Formed

Men began to form towns and groups to learn a common language and to protect themselves from others.  That is how the differnet tribes began.
  A group of men banded together to call the Aninehi (A-nee-nay-hee), "Good Spirits" to assist them and to pray to appease the "Evil Spirits" to leave their people alone.  These men became known as Anidawehi (A-nee-da-way-hee), the spiritual leaders of the people.  These men learned how to act to live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature.  All people formed together over a period of time.
  The first town was on the east side of the Great Smokey Mountains, near the famous Black Mountain.  They called the first town Kituwa (Kee-too-wa), and the people of Kituwa were known as Ani-Kituwagai (A-nee-Kee-too-wa-gee), People of Kituwa.
  These Kituwagi people were called Ani-Tsalagi (A-nee-Ja-la-gee), "People of the ridge country," because they lived in the mountains of the Great Smokey Mountains.  When in talks or treaties with other people, these mountain people were so arrogant they called themselves Ani-Yvwiya (A-nee-Yun-wee-ya), "The Real People."  They called all other people Ani-Wuyu (A-nee-Woo-yoo), just "Plain People."
  As the town grew, people started to leave and form their own towns.  But they were always tied both spiritually and politically to the town where their Atsila Galvkawetiyu, "Sacred Fire" was held.

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